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General George S. Patton School Supply List


1 Composition Notebook

2 inch Binder

8 Glue Sticks

Crayons (for home and school)

Scissors (for home and school)

Disinfectant Wipes

Book Bag


First Grade


4 spiral notebooks

2 pairs of scissors

8 dry erase markers

4 packs of crayons

6 folders

4 yellow highlighters

6 packs of pencils

1 pack of pink erasers

2 pencil sharpeners

2 plastic supply boxes for crayons/erasers, etc.

36 glue sticks

2 packs of white 3 X5 index cards (100 pack)

2 packs of post it notes

1 package of sandwich sized bags

1 package of gallon size bags

4 boxes of kleenex

3 family size packs of disinfecting wipes

Plastic water bottle

Second Grade

Book Bag

4 Boxes of Pencils (24 Pack)


4 Boxes of Crayons (24 pack)

5 Pencil Top Erasers

Pencil Sharpener with Cover

1 Supply Box or Supply Pouch

4 Wide Ruled 1 Subject Spiral Notebook

2 Packs of notebook Paper (wide ruled)

1 Composition Notebook

5 Folders with Pockets

2 Bottles of Glue/Glue Sticks

1 Pair of Scissors

1 Ruler-in & cm

Third Grade

2 Bottles of Elmer’s School Glue

3 Glue Sticks

5 Packs of Loose-Leaf Notebook Paper

5 Erasers

1 Box of Crayons (24 Pack)

1 Pair of Scissors

6 Folders with Pockets

4 Spiral Notebooks (70 pages)

1 Box of Colored Pencils


1 pack of markers

1 ruler (inches & centimeters)

2 packs of index cards

1 Box of Kleenex


Fourth Grade

Notebook Paper

Six Folders with Pockets



Glue Sticks

Pencil Sharpener

Colored Pencils

6 Spiral Notebooks (70 pgs)

2 Pens (Blue or Black)


#2 Pencils



Construction Paper

Post it Notes

One Inch Binder

Fifth Grade

1 Box of Colored Pencils

6 packs of Wide Ruled Notebook Paper

1 Composition Notebook

4 Spiral Notebooks 70 pgs ( red, blue, green and yellow)

5 Folders with pockets (blue, green, yellow, orange, and black)


Ruler (inches and centimeters)

3 Highlighters (Yellow, Orange and Green)

Pens (2 Black, 2 Blue, 2 Red)

1 Bottle of Glue and 1 Glue Stick

5 Erasers

2 Packs of 100 index cards 3X5


Pencil Sharpener

1 Pack of Graph Paper

2 Packs of Post-It0Notes



Junior High


10 Black and Blue Pens

5 Packages of Notebook Paper (College Rule)

5 Erasers

1 Package of Graph Paper

Box of Pencils (replenish as needed)

1 Box of Colored Pencils

20 Folders with Pockets

20 Spiral Notebooks (70 pg College Rule)


5 Highlighters

1 Flash Drive

Scientific Calculator

3  Three Ring Binders for ELA & Math Classes (2-2 ½ inch)

Glue Sticks/Elmer Liquid Glue

3 Packs of 3X5 Index Cards


Tissue Box

Wet Wipes 

 Clorox Cleanups


Physical Education

Gym Shoes



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